Our motivation is research and innovation done in PROCESS TECHNOLOGY and FOOD RESEARCH.

Process Technology

In our process technology department we deliver our knowledge and expertise to a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Environment
  • Agriculture
  • Food processing

Within our facilities we offer e.g.

  • CAD drawings
  • Machine/equipment modifications
  • Functional testing of prototypes

Machine/equipment modifications and Functional testing of prototypes are performed in our mechanical laboratories which are equipped with standard tools such as welding, drilling, pressing, grinding etc.

Food Research

Our research activities are:

  • Food biotechnology: food additives and supplements, bioencapsulation, nanoencapsulation, multilayer emulsions, and controlled release of bioactive compounds
  • Plant Food Science (plant and food metabolomics)
  • Basic and applied food science of bioactive food compounds, functional foods, nutraceuticals, food for eardely
  • Isolation, characterization and identification of bioactive compounds from plant extracts with relevant biological activity
  • Food research focuses on activities as developing new food (incl. BIO) products including functional foods closely with the food industry to assist them in meeting regulatory requirements for food safety and in improving various aspects of food quality
  • Develop research to decrease obesity reducing the content of sugar, salt and fat in ready meals giving the satiety effect and having a satiety control, whilst maintaining comparable organoleptic properties and consumer acceptance
  • Food structuring components and food product applications: food formulation incorporating new structuring components
  • Food analysis methods
  • Use of specifically designed software for personalized recipes for specialized powder for drinks for sick, elderly and sportive people


A wide range of laboratory equipment is accessible in collaboration with different universities and research institutes.

Fluid Bed Dryer:

  • GPCG 3 (Batch sizes from 0.3 kg to 3 kg)
  • WSG 120 (Batch sizes up to 120 kg)biofermentor large

Bioreactor/fermentor Braun BioStat:biofermentor large

  • BioStat B (4 x 1liter)biofermentor large
  • BioStat C (5 liters)
  • BioStat Q (30 liters)


For further information please contact us directly.